Tiny Home Shipped to Hawaii with Homeshipping, Homeshipped Ksa

KAAPA’S SHIP, HONOLULU, Hawaii (AP) A tiny home, built by a single woman in a one-bedroom house on the edge of Honolulu, has been moved from its temporary home to a temporary home for a group of families, Hawaii’s Housing Authority said Friday.

It is the first such move in Hawaii for families who live in homeshipping households.

It took months for the tiny house to be moved, and it is the latest example of how Hawaii is shifting toward the model of small-scale living.

The tiny home was built for the families to share in a shared living space with other residents.

They can live together as single families or can live as a pair of homeshippers.

Some of the families in the group were able to move into a temporary shelter after the housing authority began sending notices in late May.

The tiny home is not permanent, and the group of residents will continue to live in it, but it is an important symbol of Hawaii’s changing approach to housing, said David Shaughnessy, director of the Housing Authority.

“It’s a symbol that people can move into an apartment or a home,” Shaughnessesy said.

“It’s symbolic of the way that people are living here.”