What’s your biggest pet peeve about househugging?

You know the feeling: your pet’s so friendly and cuddly, but the house doesn’t have the space for them, and they’ve decided to start their own home.

But what if your pet is a human?

A pet owner might be able to do a bit more than just say “hello” and make an adorable face.

Here are some tips for finding the right home for your pet.


Consider whether your pet wants to share their space.

Your pet is probably going to want to share space with you.

They may even want to hang out in your backyard.

If they’re not going to go on your property, they may be willing to share with others.

But if you want to keep them away from your home, you need to make sure they don’t have to leave their own space alone.


Determine the type of pet.

Do they have any special characteristics?

Are they cute?

are they friendly?


Make an appointment to meet.

If you want a human to join your home with your pet, make an appointment with the pet owner to see if you can meet.

Don’t wait until your pet has already arrived.

You can ask if the pet is free and clear.

If not, contact your veterinarian for additional questions.


Get the best placement.

Do you have a room you’d like to use for your home’s cats or dogs?

If so, you may want to consider adopting one of the cats.

You may also want to ask if there’s a suitable pet-friendly space nearby.

If so and you can arrange to meet there, be sure to let your vet know you’ll be there for the meeting.

If your pet already has a place, you can offer to take the pet home.

Your veterinarian may be able help you arrange to do this.


Ask for a discount.

Ask your vet if there is a way to get a discount for your pets.

Many pet owners will try to get discounts for your house or yard.

But many vet offices will not provide discounted prices.

Instead, they’ll give you a discount if you contact them.


Be respectful of your pets’ space.

Make sure your pets have room to roam around.

Make a plan to keep the cats and dogs separate from each other and from your yard.

If there’s room for both, you should consider sharing their space as a pet-share.


Keep the cat and dog in a separate room.

Make it a point to let the cat or dog go into the other room when it’s not needed.

If possible, give them a spot to play.

You don’t want them to become too social.


Get more information.

You should also ask your vet about other pet-sharing options.

Ask about pet-huggers’ health and safety, whether you can adopt your pet from a rescue group, or if you may be interested in buying a pet for your own.