What you need to know about home buying in the US

The US is home to about 2.5 billion people and is a net importer of goods and services, according to the Federal Reserve.

With a global population of about 2 billion, the US is the world’s fourth largest economy.

However, as of the end of 2015, the country’s gross domestic product had dropped to its lowest level since the late 1930s.

The US has also been hit by a series of health crises, including the Ebola virus, the flu, and the Zika virus.

US unemployment has been above 8% for most of the year, and there has been a rise in domestic violence and domestic terrorism.

The economy has also suffered from an aging population.

US households have the highest disposable income of any developed country.

But the US economy has been hit hard by the Great Recession, which wiped $3.7 trillion off the value of the US financial system.

The crisis also has affected the country economically and politically.

In the last decade, the Republican-led Congress has imposed austerity measures and pushed through tax increases, cutting spending and cutting benefits for many Americans.

The government has also faced a budget crisis that has led to a sharp drop in the number of people working.