What will you be watching in the new season of ‘The Americans’?

New series ‘The Russians’ is set to begin in Ireland next year, but it’s not a primetime show – the show’s creators are aiming to have it broadcast in the UK for the first time.RTE has exclusively revealed that the first episodes of the show will air in Britain, and the UK will premiere the first two episodes in May.

It is the first Irish series to air on Channel 4, and will be the first programme to air exclusively on the channel.

The first series will air on Saturday nights, and on Sundays and Mondays.

It is being produced by RTE and ITV Studios in association with the British television company, ITV Studios.

It’s set to be a huge show.

I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve actually written a script.

The cast, the production staff, the crew and the audience are going to be huge.

I don’t know where they’re going to come from, but we’re hoping that we’re going into something special.

We have a very strong Irish cast.

It’s the kind of show where people come and go, but you know that everyone is very close, and there’s always someone who’s doing something really special.

Róisín Doyle, RTE’s executive producer, said that she hoped viewers would be “bewildered and inspired” by the show, which is set in a fictionalised version of the Soviet Union.

“It’s going to make the viewer feel that it’s a place where everyone is really good at something and everybody is very good at their jobs,” she said.

“The cast and crew are going places and having fun.”

She said that the show is going to explore the “complexity of friendship, the struggles of family, the joy of working in the arts, the challenges of travelling”.

“The Americans is an ambitious, multi-layered and multi-dimensional show,” she added.

“I think it will be an incredibly powerful, fascinating, funny and powerful series.

It will take us into the depths of human relationships and human experiences.”

Irish TV viewers have already been given the chance to watch the series online.

RTE said it will offer a free stream of the first episode, but that viewers should not expect it to be “the end of the world”.

“We have a great deal of interest in the show,” Doyle said.

“There are lots of people who have been waiting to see what happens next.

We think it’s very exciting.”

Irish viewers have been able to watch ‘The American’ on the RTE streaming service.

The show is expected to premiere in the summer, with a US launch planned for early next year.

The series is being filmed in Ireland, and has been in production for some time.