How cable homeshipping is going to work in 2018

In 2018, consumers will be able to make a purchase with their cable TV provider by signing up for a cable homeship plan.

They’ll be able buy a standard monthly cable subscription, or a package that includes the service and other services.

The cable companies will be required to send the data that customers make purchases with, and those data will be shared with cable providers.

The companies have already begun the process of gathering that data, and it will likely take several months for the data to be finalized.

The new plan is similar to the one that Netflix offers its subscribers.

You’ll be paying a monthly fee for a standard cable service package.

That fee includes data, which is then shared with Comcast and other cable providers to provide data to them.

The plan will also include access to a free hotspot that allows customers to access Netflix.

Comcast is also starting to provide a basic cable package.

Customers will be charged $20 a month for the basic package.

Comcast says that’s not a big number, but it will help cover the costs of the basic service and will also help pay for upgrades and maintenance.

But it is a big price to pay for cable service, and many cable companies are already cutting back on their data usage to help pay off that bill.

And Comcast has been trying to lower the prices for its subscribers through the end of the year.