A tiny house community in Florida could be built on the backs of thousands of tiny homes

A tiny home community in the Florida Keys could become a reality if the city council votes to approve a $1 million pilot program.

It’s part of a broader effort to build hundreds of tiny houses in Florida by 2022.

The plan calls for hundreds of houses with built-in solar panels, a roof deck, a laundry, a kitchen, a toilet and even a fitness room.

They’ll be built in low-income communities and be available for sale to the public.

Local homeowners will be allowed to sell their homes for as little as $400 per year, and the government will pay the remaining value of their homes, about $30,000 a year.

This would help create affordable homes, which the Florida Legislature and the governor support, according to a report from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Under the plan, the government would subsidize a fraction of the cost of homes built by private builders.

Mayor Michael Baca says the tiny house idea is being supported by people in the community, and that there are already plans in place for this to happen.

“We’re trying to build something out of this community, we’re trying not to build things up, we want to build houses that are low maintenance and that are affordable,” Baca said.

But not everyone agrees.

A community activist group called FLASH called the plan a “big lie,” calling it a “gimmick” that would benefit private developers at the expense of local residents.

I’m not in favor of it, said FLASH’s Jennifer De La Cruz.

She wants to see communities that are building out from the ground up, and I think there’s a lot of good reasons to do that.

“But I’m against this.

I don’t want it in my neighborhood.

I’m opposed to this whole thing.

It’s really a big lie,” she said.