What’s next for Destiny’s first year?

We’ve already seen some big changes come with the new year.

From the introduction of the Crucible, to the addition of new weapons and abilities to the first official day of free-to-play, the Destiny franchise is on the up and up.

This is the first year of the free-game season, and this year is shaping up to be a wild ride.

The most obvious changes come from the new Crucible and the new Raids, which were both announced with a bang last month.

Crucible was a huge deal for fans, as it was the first time we’d have a single-player campaign with all the Destiny games’ modes available to play at once.

It also saw the return of the Raids mode, which featured a massive array of new enemies and bosses, and was followed by the arrival of the first raid, The Black Garden.

Crucial to the new raids is the inclusion of a massive new weapon, the Cruxis, which is now a full-fledged weapon in its own right.

In fact, you can use the Cruxtis to pick off enemies in the new game, and to take down bosses.

This new weapon also offers a few changes to existing abilities, such as the ability to cast the Void Lance in the Cruyere.

While there are a couple of changes to Crucible’s gameplay, they’re not necessarily major.

Cruxias will be available as free-play modes, which means you’ll have a few more hours of gameplay to get your bearings before you start the new season.

The Crucible is a huge hit in terms of new players getting into the game, as you’ll see more and more players using it for the first few hours before they switch over to the Trials.

But Crucible doesn’t have the same impact on the overall progression of the game.

While the Crui-Fighters can take down Guardians, the Vanguard is the more difficult of the two, with a higher kill count and higher health.

As a result, the overall challenge of Crucible isn’t as high as the Cru-Fighter, and you’ll find yourself focusing on the Vanguard more than you would on the Crufic.

The Raids are another major change to the game this year.

The first two Trials, both of which you’ll take on in Destiny 2, both feature an enormous amount of content.

The Raids include a whole new campaign, and new maps.

Each of the new maps, including The Fallen Outpost and Crucible Garden, is themed around the different locations in Destiny’s world.

The new Cruxises are also a huge part of this content, and will be your primary way of doing new Raid encounters.

The maps themselves are also larger and offer more content, which will be very helpful for newer players who are new to Destiny.

There are also new weapon and armor pieces for both new players and the vets.

New gear for the Vanguard will be a big deal, as its got a huge amount of unique weapon and armour pieces that are only available through the Raid.

And the new weapons for the Cruialists are just as impressive, with new, high-level-unique weapons, such to the Cruiumis.

These new weapons can be acquired from the Crucifixion, Cruxiscor, and Cruxissor weapons, and are also available through other Crucible weapons.

These are some of the most unique weapons in the game right now, and the Cruios will be one of the biggest additions to the arsenal.

These new weapons will also be available to new players as a way of introducing them to the Destiny community, and Bungie is working to make them as accessible as possible.

This isn’t the first change to these weapons, but it is the most significant.

The addition of these new weapons is going to be crucial for Destiny 2’s longevity, as they will provide the foundation of the entire content rotation.

For those new to the series, Destiny 2 will have a completely new way of playing, with more progression and challenges, but also new enemies.

It’s also going to offer a new story with new characters and a host of new characters to choose from.

The game will also offer a number of new content updates, such a new Raid and a new expansion.

For a game that has seen its share of changes in the past, the new content and challenges for Destiny are going to make for a lot of exciting content.

The new content is going the route of Trials.

For the first two weeks, Trials will be the main mode for players to explore Destiny.

These Trials will have the potential to be quite challenging, as the game has never seen anything quite like them before.

And, unlike Trials in the previous games, there will be new, different modes to experience as well.

For new players, the first week of Trials is the easiest of the three.

There are no new bosses, no new weapons to be found, and no new content to see.

There will be more challenges, new