A tiny homeshipping family’s bid for a cable home is the latest in a long line of homeshaping challenges

An Australian couple is hoping to create a new form of home that allows them to live and work in a small, modular home.

The home was designed with the assistance of designer Jannes Jones, who is a founder of small modular homes.

It is called the Jannies Homeshipping Review.

The family plans to build it in their home in Brisbane’s north, where they live with their two children and two dogs.

The structure has a floor plan of only 2,500 square feet and features a wooden frame and wood floors.

It’s designed to be self-sufficient, with the family sharing a bathroom and kitchen.

The family hopes to build a second home in the future.

The small modular home was made by Jones with the help of a local company called the Bedders House Company.

The project was launched last year in the hope of providing homes for a family with two children living in the same house.

Jannes and her husband Jason, who have four children, have been living with their daughter and dog, and have decided to create something more traditional for them to take their children and family for walks and other outdoor activities.

They are not planning to start a family, but plan to work with the couple to help with the planning and construction of the home.

“It’s kind of a home that we feel like we can live in, but it’s a little bit more traditional,” she said.

“We’re going to try and make it more like a small apartment or a small town, and to help us get into a more normal lifestyle and to be able to live in our home.”

The family is currently living with Jones in a home she built in Melbourne.

Jones is a self-taught architect who has a strong background in small modular structures.

Her husband Jason also has a background in designing and building small modular projects, and worked for the local council as a contractor for the last three years.

Jannis says the family has been working with her company for almost a year, but she’s still not sure if they’ll get their cable home approved.

“I think we’ve been doing this for almost six months now and I still don’t know what the outcome is,” she says.

“Hopefully, I can get that approval and get this house built.

We’ll see.”

The small, lightweight structure can be made from a variety of materials, including plywood, PVC and metal.

The Joneses say they are looking to build other smaller modular homes in the area to help them build a house that will allow them to maintain their lifestyle while providing them with a home.

They’ve already applied for funding to help pay for the design and construction costs of their home.