What you need to know about the new homeschooling trend in California

By The Associated PressIn the coming weeks, more and more homeschoolers are moving away from the traditional schooling model and starting their own homeschools.

Some of those homeschool parents say they feel more connected to their children.

And some say they are happier and better connected to them.

“I’m learning more and better because I don’t have to worry about being there and being in a room with my child, or having to be the center of attention, being responsible, being there for the family, being a good example for my child,” said Brittany, who requested anonymity.

She said she wants her son to grow up as an independent, responsible person who can handle schoolwork and the responsibilities that come with it.

Some of those parents say it is because they feel disconnected from traditional schools.

Some homeschool children have left homeschooled homeschool schools because of a lack of support, the Associated Press has learned.

Other parents are joining forces with other parents and schools to raise awareness of the new trend and make it easier for their children to attend public schools.

The California Department of Education says it’s working to educate parents about the homeschool movement and the role that the state can play in helping to make it more comfortable for children to stay home and attend public school.

More than 5,000 homeschool students in California have enrolled in public schools since the start of the year, according to the California Department, which has been working to make homeschool homeschool families more comfortable.

The homeschool phenomenon has been growing in recent years, said Emily Ritter, an education specialist with the California Association of School Administrators.

The homeschool boom began in the early 2000s with parents who were choosing to stay at home for their kids, Ritter said.

“We saw the numbers explode, and we were able to make that decision and really see the impact that homeschool was having on families,” she said.

The state began to regulate homeschool attendance and funding in 2014, but many homeschool advocates are worried that the law hasn’t been fully enforced.

They’re hoping a new law can help to increase the number of homeschool participants in public school, according the California Education Association.

The new law would give schools the authority to require students to participate in classes outside of class time.

It would also give schools more authority to prohibit students from attending certain classes if the school has not given permission, said Barbara Fauci, an attorney with the advocacy group California School Reform Coalition.

She is encouraging the California State Board of Education to consider a measure that would allow schools to use social media to alert parents about a student’s attendance in a certain class.

The bill would also require schools to keep student records that could help to monitor students.

The data would include students’ attendance and how long they stayed at home.

A new law in California would require homeschool school parents to sign a document stating that their children are attending the school.

This is an important step to ensure that homesie students are able to participate fully in school activities and that the schools are following the proper policies, Fauce said.