Home buyers and their home buying strategies: A home buyers guide

The latest installment of The Post’s series of posts on home buyers explores the differences between buying a house, buying a condo, and buying a condominium.

The article includes:How to buy a condoA home buyers checklistHow to build a condoHow to sell a condoWhat to do if a condo buyer fails to payFor more, see The Post has been tracking home-buying trends for more than 30 years.

The series includes articles on:How many homes are sold in a year?

How many homes go for more?

The number of buyers a yearThe number and types of home buyersWho buy homesHow much do homes cost?

How to determine whether to buy or notHow to decide whether a buyer is a good fitFor more information, visit The Post home page, follow The Post on Facebook, and subscribe to The Post in Apple News.