Homeshipping can help save you $5,000 a year on your rent

A housing website has revealed that a small percentage of new listings are on the home-sharing site Homeshippy, which is gaining popularity among young people.

According to a report by the site HomeAdvisor, the average rental price on Homeshipped is $3,800.

In contrast, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in New York City is $2,850.

The report states that Homeshipper is currently one of the fastest growing rental sites in the U.S. and that it has “a very loyal following of young people looking for a safe place to live.”

The site’s founders, who go by the name of Homeshippy, say that their platform allows people to “spend their money on something they love” rather than “losing it on the mortgage or rent.”

HomeAdvisor’s website shows that one of their new homes, a two-bedroom condo in New Jersey, is on the site for $3.7 million.

That’s $4,000 less than the average rent for the city’s average one-bed apartment.

The average price for a two bedroom apartment in Chicago is $4.4 million, and in Los Angeles it’s $3 million.

The number of homeshipped listings has also risen in recent months.

In the first quarter of 2017, there were more than 3,700 homeshippys in the United States.

That number was slightly up from the same period in 2016, when there were 3,500 homeshippers.

The increase in homeshipper listings has been accompanied by a surge in Airbnb listings.

Airbnb has been hit with a class action lawsuit over the company’s failure to adequately monitor listings.

A spokesperson for Airbnb, which has been criticized for not following proper safety regulations, declined to comment on the report.

The company has also faced backlash from other users who claim that their Airbnb listings are being used as a platform to illegally rent out rooms.