Which home is the most ‘perfect’ for me?

The new Fox Sports homeshippie show is set to debut in September, and will air on Fox Sports 1. 

As with every new home show, the hosts will be interviewing people on the inside.

The goal of the show is to find out what people are really looking for in their own homes.

The guests have been told that their homes are the ideal place for them to grow as a person and they’re not the ones doing it.

Fox Sports Home and Garden is the first programme to tackle the subject. 

The programme features the most interesting homes that you could possibly live in.

It’s the perfect opportunity for people to get to know each other, which is really important because the homes they are buying and owning are just as important as the things they own.

The programme will be hosted by Kurt Cobain’s wife, Nicole, and her partner, Chris.

The programme is being filmed in New York, California, London and London, and is expected to air in the US by early 2018. 

Here are some of the people in the homes: Chris, an Australian artist, is a master of his craft, creating homey, colourful, yet stylish pieces with a twist.

He’s been designing homes for his wife Nicole for almost five years, and he’s always wanted to be in the industry. 

Kathryn, a home and garden expert, has a passion for living life to the fullest.

She has a strong interest in nature, which has allowed her to design beautiful homes for her family. 

Hannah, a British architect, made her home on her own when she was a teenager.

She said: “I wanted a small home for my friends and family, which allowed me to get away from the pressures of living in an office.

I have been a home builder for over 30 years, so it was only natural that I was drawn to the idea of living on my own.” 

Holly, a young British fashion model, also has a passion.

Holly, 21, has been living a minimalist lifestyle for a decade. She said: “Living a minimalist life is a great way to spend time and create space, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.” 

Kerry, a retired teacher, was a homebuilder and designer before launching her own home in 2017. 

He said:”It was a huge honour to be invited to join the Fox Sports programme, as I was a big fan of homes.”

I can’t wait to get started, and hopefully this will be a useful tool for anyone in search of a new home.” 

All home-designers can find inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s latest collection, Lingerie. 

All homes have been featured in Homes on the Move, a new series of homeshippers’ homes and the first of its kind. 

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