Why I’m Not Going to Home-Sharing, Hiring, and Hiring a Job Anymore

Posted November 08, 2018 12:02:25When you’re in college, you can’t just buy a house and call it your home, so when you start to feel a little bit like you’re living in the same world as everyone else, that’s when you’re going to feel like you’ve lost your identity.

I think when we all realize this, we will all stop being so focused on the things that matter, the things we’re proud of, and just focus on what matters.

If we are going to make the world a better place, we have to stop trying to do the things people have been doing for a long time and start doing the things they’re proud to do.

Hiring is hard.

It’s not easy.

I know that I can make a living, but that doesn’t mean I can hire people.

That means I’m not happy.

And I’m just not going to be happy if I don’t hire.

You can’t make a career out of being an unemployed person, because you’re not really employed.

That’s just a fact.

So when I see people being laid off and thinking, Oh, I just didn’t do enough work, I have to be like, I don