Meet the people behind the home-sharing revolution

The new wave of home-sharers have been on the rise in recent years, with a growing number of homeowners opting to rent out their rooms to other people.

While the sharing economy has attracted some attention for the many instances of home ownership being stolen, the trend is becoming more prevalent, and many people are using the platforms to help them build their own homes.

Engadgets spoke to some of the biggest names in the home sharing world to find out how these home-hustling entrepreneurs are doing it, and what they’re doing to get their businesses off the ground.1.

Josh Dolan2.

Alex Wahlberg3.

Andrew Lohman4.

Mark O’Neill5.

Josh Fusco6.

Jeff Buell7.

Rob Minkoff8.

Scott Johnson9.

Sam Doody10.

David H. King11.

Chris Siegel12.

Jeff Karp13.

Jason Kline14.

Rob Bowers15.

Jason Linni16.

Sam Stoppard17.

Eric Schuster18.

David G. Wegner19.

Andrew F. Heppner20.

Dan DeCarlo21.

Michael Rieger22.

Nicky Kaczynski23.

Justin W. McNeill24.

Adam Leibowitz25.

Nick O’Brien26.

Rob Smith27.

Andrew Riechmann28.

Brian P. Hager29.

Ryan M. Rieck30.

Eric G. Roush31.

Adam Nussbaum32.

Adam G. Stump31.

Nick Lott33.

Eric P. Stutzman34.

Eric M. Stutman35.

Chris T. Smith36.

Nick Gaffney37.

Adam R. Ritter38.

Mike M. Toth39.

Michael H. Wurzburger40.

Justin T. Gaffrey41.

Mike E. Nesmith42.

Andrew C. Stoll43.

Chris F. McPherson44.

John C. Fritsch45.

Mike D. Leibman46.

Scott G. Miller47.

Michael J. Wieland48.

Andrew A. F. Smith49.

Jason W. Lebowski50.

Justin S. Hahn51.

Kevin J. Johnson52.

Adam J. Gannon53.

Jeff C. McNeil54.

Brian A. Schulz55.

Mark S. McLeod56.

Scott H. G. Nolen57.

David A. McQueen58.

Michael M. DeFazio59.

Adam D. Siegel60.

Mark R. Geller61.

James E. Dickey62.

Andrew J. Fossey63.

David M. Loughlin64.

Adam L. McLean65.

Mike A. Hildebrandt66.

Rob J. Miller67.

Michael W. Smith68.

Justin L. Tovar69.

Rob H. Luszczak70.

Michael S. Lipschultz71.

Eric A. Gannett72.

Jason C. Gellers73.

Andrew G. Bienkowski74.

David P. Schiller75.

Justin H. Cottrill76.

Matt B. Giannetti77.

Matt L. Clements78.

Rob C. Schorr 79.

Jason H. Miller80.

Scott F. Tully81.

Scott J. Sperry82.

Michael A. Leiter83.

Matthew D. Lutz84.

Andrew B. Miller85.

John M. Gifford86.

Michael C. DePulitzer87.

Andrew D. Gavrilo88.

Michael G. Schuster89.

Michael P. DeMora90.

Michael B. Bickel91.

Justin M. Schumann92.

David B. Minkowski93.

Justin A. Pincus94.

Justin J. Larkin95.

Mark J. Schulte96.

Jason A. DeCesare97.

Brian R. Sacks98.

David F. Rizzo99.

Justin R. Hirsch100.

David C. Sohn101.

John R. Buehrle102.

Chris R. St. John103.

Michael T. Hildreth104.

Justin D. Czarnowski105.

Matt C. Smith106.

Ryan F. Lueker107.

Michael K. Stoller108.

Matt J. Hiltley109.

Matt S. Breen110.

Jeff F. Schatz111.

Adam M. Farrin112.

Ryan J. O’Hare113.

Michael F. Hickey114.

Justin K. Phelan115.

Matthew M. Bohn116.

Justin F. Wahlhead117.

Michael D. Smith118.

Andrew W. Wachter119.

Matt W. Stahl120.

Matthew H. Schuessler121.

Chris J. Stauber122.

John W. Manker123. Michael O