Why the HomeSharing Revolution Is Here to Stay

On Monday, the National Association of Realtors (NAIR) released a study on the future of home sharing in the United States, with a focus on how Americans’ expectations about home ownership are changing.

The NAIR study found that by 2046, the majority of Americans will be living with a spouse or partner who lives in the home.

The report also found that as of 2039, the percentage of households that own a home will drop from 55% to 49%.

In 2049, just 12% of households will own their own home.

The report is the latest report to emerge from the NAIR, which is tasked with researching trends in American households and the home ownership rate.

The most recent study, released in 2016, found that about a third of households are headed by someone who is currently living in a household with a person who is no longer living there.

The survey found that nearly one in five households are now headed by a person with no spouse or current partner living in the household.

While the survey’s numbers are not directly comparable, the numbers are more than comparable to the NAIRC study.

The NAIR report also shows that the number of households headed by couples with no current partner has fallen from 26.7 million households in 2016 to 18.9 million households.

The number of couples that own their home, but no spouse, has also fallen, from 31.5 million households to 26.2 million.

The National Association for Realtor said the numbers highlight the need for greater understanding of how the ownership of homes will evolve.

The organization said there will be many reasons why people might choose to share their home with others, including the need to protect their home or property from natural disasters, reduce costs, and protect future generations from being left behind by their parents.