What to look for when shopping for a new home on Airbnb

If you’re looking for a cheap home on the cheap, Airbnb is your best bet.

This weekend, the company said it will give away a limited number of apartments for a total of $1,500, and it will also offer free rent and a free tour of your new home.

While the apartments will be in the Los Angeles area, many will also be in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City, according to the site.

Airbnb will only offer one apartment for the entire $1 million sale.

The offer is valid from Friday, January 11 through Monday, January 17.

The price of the apartments starts at $1.1 million, but Airbnb will be able to offer up to five free nights in your new house for $250 per night.

For a family of five, this could make it possible to rent a three-bedroom apartment for a price tag of about $4,000 a night.

Airbnb says it will be offering a free guided tour of the house.

If you’re planning to buy a house on Airbnb, you may want to think about other options first.

Airbnb offers a $200 deposit for first-time buyers, and the company’s website also allows you to buy one-night rentals for a flat fee of $150, according of its FAQ page.

However, it is not clear if this deposit will cover your deposit.

Airbnb also said that if you purchase a home on a rental site like HomeAway, it will not provide a deposit, which is not true for all listings on Airbnb.