How to stay cool and stay home with the heat in Israel

Homeshipping is the new hot topic in Israel, with some people opting to stay home to save on energy costs and to conserve on their heating bills.

According to the government, home heating accounts for around 35% of Israel’s energy use.

That’s a big change from years ago, when many Israelis stayed at home because they had to go to work or school.

The government now requires Israelis to stay at home with their pets or keep their home in a closed room with a thermostat, even if they’re not working.

Many people have been taking advantage of the new policy, as it’s not as expensive to rent or purchase a home as it was when homeshippers were still a popular pastime.

The new policy allows for a homeowner to take their pet out to the backyard, as long as the pet stays with the person, who must maintain a home in the same state.

This has also led to some people taking their pets out to other parts of the country to stay out of the sun, as well as in a more urban area, which has resulted in the emergence of new hot spots like the Jerusalem neighborhood of Haifa.

Haifa is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Israel right now, according to the latest data from the Israeli National Agency for Statistics.

Haifa has been dubbed the “Hotelier Capital of the World” and the number of Airbnb rentals in the city has doubled in the past few months.

It’s also a hotbed of activity for people who are staying at home.

According in the Israeli census, there are currently over 4,000 home owners who rent out their homes, but many of them do it on Airbnb, which allows people to rent out homes and houses in different areas, and in some cases rent out entire neighborhoods.

Airbnb has been making headlines in Israel for several years now, and its popularity is growing at an incredible rate.

Many Israeli people are now turning to the service for their summer and winter vacations.

According to the Israeli tourism bureau, the number and number of visitors to Israel has increased by over 50% in the last year.

Airbus, which is one the largest airlines in Israel and has been investing heavily in the country, has also become a popular destination for tourists.

The Israeli government has even been trying to ban the airline from flying in Israel altogether.

Some of these trends have been seen in Haifa, where tourists are finding it difficult to find accommodation.

The number of tourists visiting Haifa increased by 20% last year, according a report by the tourism bureau.

Airbnb and other websites are also increasing the number, especially in the warmer months.

According the Israeli Tourism Authority, Airbnb is also growing by around 1,000% in 2016, while Airbnb and similar services are also booming in the Middle East and North Africa.

Israel’s tourism bureau is warning that the situation in the region is going to become increasingly volatile as the Middle Eastern and North African regions will become increasingly more dangerous as the global financial crisis and global wars will worsen.